"Thanks John, I think we will go ahead and purchase the sample 2-disc set you left for me ("Going Within: The Principles of Meditation"). I was quite impressed by it, and I think many of our customers will be as well. And we'll probably start purchasing others (after our initial purchase directly from you) through Midwest, when they become available. Congratulations on getting them to distribute your products. I'm sure you'll be able to reach a wide range of library customers through them. Thanks."

Stephen Cook, Reference Librarian, Delaware County Library

"Dear John, Yesterday I received the five DVD's you filmed months ago. I am grateful you did not forget I had them coming. Time seems to slip away from me quickly and much has happened since we first met, all of it very good. Thank you very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I am pleased with the professional quality of the video. I did not know you or your work then but I am impressed. The artistic cover, the excellent description of who I am on the back cover, and as I watched it I found it to be a great teaching tool for me and an excellent intro to future speaking engagements I might want to do. No doubt about it I will be contacting you again when I get back into this work. As I watched, what also pleased me the most was your ability to capture my heart felt desire to connect with each person and adequately answer their questions or comments. Your filming caught peoples response and I was able to convey sound information to live life in a positive manner. Bless you and thank you again."

Annetta "Nettie" Morse, How to Get What You Want

"John: What a tremendous job you did with the Reiki and CranioSacral DVDs. The extra touches look so professional and truly add to the production. Thanks for all you did to make this a reality. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon."

Linda Haley, RMT, The Reiki Center

"John- I've been meaning to contact you for some time now. I'm so so sorry that I haven't until now. I LOVE the DVD. You did an amazing, terrific, extremely awesome professional job. I really appreciate your work and hope it sells well. I am teaching the form to OSU students this year and will tell them where to buy the DVD. Hopefully, that will help both of us! Have a great day, keep in touch and thanks again for everything."

Lucy Bartimole, Introduction to Tai Chi

"I think the Holistic Highways to Wisdom series is the most incredible idea to come along in ages. It's like an encyclopedia of holistic wellness. America can find out what these modialities are all about and I think that's fabulous."

Linda Wallace, Emotional Freedom Technique

"Well when I first heard about this series from John I thought it was a great idea. After I had time to see how it really worked and think about the implications of it and to use it myself for my own practice, I realized it was a brilliant idea. It really gives people a vehicle to access information about a number of different topics and the person who's providing the information has a wonderfaul way to market themselves. I've used the DVD's in a number of different ways. I've given some to clients and I've gotten direct referrals from them showing other people my work and I plan to use them as I expand my business. I'll be able to sell them on my website and take them to workshops and that sort of thing. I would highly reccommend the series to other people both to view it and to be recorded so they can get their work out there to other people. I've talked to some of my colleagues about it already. People in the helping profession are notoriously bad about selling themselves and their own work and this is a very win-win way of doing that."

Shelly Pinnell, MSW, LISW, Whole Hearted Healing

"Just going by the feedback I'm getting, knowing that we're in a rather small setting, people are just amazed at the quality of the DVD. I believe that anyone who is honestly working to be of service of bringing forth a message of this new age about God and spirit and of energy, that they have an avenue, that they may not be able to afford, to be able to reach more people than they normally could. What a great idea!"

Reverend Steven Clevenger, Rays of Light Church

"I just watched the video tonight. Thank you so much for getting it out there. You did a wonderful job! It was all in all such a positive experience. I will be sending more practitioners your way!"

Jenny Sieck, Intuitive Counseling

"You did such a great job on the recording! I love the beautiful photos at the beginning and the way you put in the book scans and other information. Thank you so much!"

Dr. Barbara Stone, Past Life Trauma

"Hi John, Thanks to your production and distribution of my "introduction to Reiki" DVd, I recently received inquiries from two callers who had purchased copies of the DVD in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles. Thanks John!"

Linda Haley, The Reiki Center

"Dear John, thank you for sending me copies of my last presentation at the ULE 2009. I am honored to be part of the Holistic series you produce. Your production and editing of my talk is excellent and I am sure it will be well received by many. I look forward to ordering more DVD's from you in the future"

Carole Obley, Soul Visions

"What a wonderful service you are doing for Awakening!"

Karen Korp, Magic Mountain Press

"Wow! What an amazing job you did!!!!!"

Nancy R. Banks, Wellness Matterz

"Thank you very much for your work. I am pleased with the quality and I am using it to become a better teacher and speaker. Thank you for your help."

Karen Edgemon, White Reiki Star

"Thanks for your good work and commitment"

Michelle A. Payton, Ph.D., The Left Side

"Did I tell you I was contacted by a person in Washington state that got the first DVD from the library and ended up buying a copy for herself? Just goes to show how far reaching this is. Love it!"

Marianna Niebauer, EFTMUSE

"Hi John, I received the DVD's and I would like to thank you for an excellent job. Wow, it is so funny seeing yourself on good video. Do I really make all those silly faces? LOL If you are doing the DVD's for this year too, will you let me know and what I should do to reserve a spot with you?"

Lori Jae, Spiritual Counselor/Teacher
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