What is the Holistic Highway to Wisdom series?

The Holistic Highway to Wisdom series is a collection of presentations on topics which include spiritual, personal growth, holistic/alternative health and wellness and metaphysics. The presentations are by various holistic and alternative practitioners on distinct topics in their particular field of expertise. These presentations (available on DVD and some have an audio CD version) expand knowledge and awareness to the general public, as well as the metaphysical community and provide information on services and products available. The intent of each topic is to enhance personal growth and to improve quality of life in all aspects of mind, body and spirit.

Who is the producer of this series?

John H. Addison is the sole producer of this series with no connection with any outside interests.

Why are you producing this series?

We feel the public should have the right to know about these fascinating modalities and at this time, there is no other means to get this information all in one place. Our first goal is to inform and educate the public through the U.S. library system and to offer them for sale by retail and internet locations. Our second goal is to provide another avenue for practitioners to promote themselves as well as through our efforts.

Where can you find this series?

At present our series is being offered to libraries across the United States and through the internet at Amazon.com and Amazon.uk. In 2014 we will be contacting Amazon businesses in other countries to make this truly an international series and participating in a national trade show in Colorado in June to offer the series to metaphysical retail stores throughout the U.S., Canada and surrounding countries. It's our hope that one day soon, our presenters will get a phone call from another country asking them to present a workshop or speaking engagement in their country at their expense. It will happen!!

What does it cost to produce one of these topics?

For the practitioner/presenter, there is no cost. They will have to sign a video release so that we can market the video and help promote each practitioner but they will retain their intellectual rights.

So what's in it for the practitioner?

Each practitioner receives 5 copies of their presentation as a thank you for participating. In addition to this, the producers of this series will be promoting each practitioner and topic through the library system in the U.S. and Canada and through websites. The practitioners do not have to pay for the recording and editing of their presentation and can use their copies to sell or promote themselves. Now upon request, John is giving each practitioner a copy of their presentation in a CD audio version only and a license for them to duplicate this audio CD without recourse. Each pracitioner will also recieve income when their program is broadcast on the Telos Digital Broadcast Network.

What is the price for each DVD?

Suggested retail price for a single DVD is $20.00 and single CD audio versions retail for $10.00 each. 2-Disc workshops are $25.00 each and 3-Disc workshops are $30.00 each.

Can practitioners buy additional DVD's and CD's?

Yes. Practitioners may purchase their DVD or CD at a 50% discount. They may order one, two or hundreds at the same discount and make a 50% profit.

So aren't you going to make alot of money from practitioners on this?

No. We have found out that everyone involved with marketing DVD's gets a percentage and libraries as well as retail stores all require a substantial discount. So our percentage is very small. Participating in the series is a better opportunity for practitioners because they do not have the production expense, which could cost from $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 each, and they do not have to buy 1,000 DVD's just to get the cost down. A 50% profit is much higher than if you pay to produce the DVD, market through another company and then provide a discount to the retail store. This is not a large income producing venture. But, our goals of providing this information to the public and helping promote practitioners is more important.

By signing a release form, what rights do we give up?

John Addison and/or AVS Video Productions, LLC will own the rights to the DVD production. Practitioners still own their intellectual rights. But, if you are presenting on a topic that is associated with an organization, you may have to get permission before being recorded.

Can we participate when we are presenting a workshop that we charge for?

Yes, but, the Holistic Highway to Wisdom is designed to promote practitioners who are speaking to an audience informing them about their modality and giving a few examples, not workshop material or instruction. So, if you are making a presentation on a topic to a group in hopes of gaining new clients, this series is a perfect match. If you are charging clients for a workshop and would still like to be recorded, we will be glad to do so. Alot of times, attendees at workshops like to purchase that workshop on DVD to review later on their own time. An opportunity for the presenter to make a little extra money.

Is this series limited to any topic or practitioner?

No, not at this time. There may be some topics that would not be a good match for the series but so far, we have only found one that did not apply. We feel that the public has a right to decide which DVD on "Aromatherapy" they would like to view. Some may want to view all the DVD's on "Aromatherapy". So we are not restricting topics to one presenter. We will leave that up to the public.

Can I put my DVD presentation on my website and/or YouTube?

Absolutely! In fact we encourage you to use part or all of your presentation wherever you can to help promote yourself.
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