What's new with HH2W?

October, 2021 is a banner year for the Holistic Highway to Wisdom series!


Here's what's happening with our series and AVS Video Productions, LLC....

We are slowly offering our entire series to the world for FREE through YouTube! That's right...all of our DVD's will be available on YouTube for viewing beginning immediately on an average of about 3-4 titles per week. Go to YouTube and look for the Holistic Highway to Wisdom or the speaker or the title you want to view and be sure to register as a Subscriber...it's FREE!


Besides offering our series, HH2W,  we will be offering other series as well, such as, Highways to God, Diana Rankin's Sacred Circle, Dottie Asselin Speaks, and more. We are working on a travel series called, "It's a Harsh World" with your host, Ken Harsh, who has passed on to the spirit world. But we've got recordings from South America, Central America and all over the United States. We would also like to set up some correspondence on this site so you can ask questions. Now that John has retired he has more time to devote to this endeavor. Keep checking back and don't forget to register as a subscriber on YouTube so you will get updates on the Holistic Highway to Wisdom series! Blessings to you all and Namaste!!

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