What's new with HH2W?

December 1, 2016 we completed over 500 titles!


Today, February 5, 2015, the Holistic Highway to Wisdom Series has surpassed 400 titles!!

Today, October, 2013, the series has now been accepted by Amazon.UK meaning that electronic downloads will be available in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and also Germany. This is BIG! We are now an international series and we're growing. By years end we should have over 400 titles. YAY! Thanks to all the wonderful speakers that made  this happen.

Today, February 23, 2011 ... "a day that will live in infamy" ... AVS Video Productions signed an agreement with Telos Digital Televison Networks that will broadcast the Holistic Highway to Wisdom series through satellite, cable and some local broadcast TV stations, not only throughout the United States, but internationally as well that includes most all of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, including Australia. I am extremely happy about this as I believe it will give this series name recognition throughout the world AND will promote each presenter all over the world too! At this time, Telos is in its infancy stage and there will be limited programming beginning in about two weeks on the west coast. BUT, I'd say about a year from now, this series will be broadcast on a regular basis each and every week, perhaps more than one topic per week. As you can see, there are 170 titles today but I'll be adding more in the future. It's a project that is ongoing and no limit to practitioners who want to promote themselves. Another plus is the each practitioners' program will share in the income generated by their particular topic when is is broadcast. Thank you to all the practitioners who have participated in this series and as a token of gratitude, you all will be receiving something special in the future. You'll be receiving an email from me concerning this soon. Thanks again and lets keep moving forward! Namaste! John

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